Elizabeth Walford

Managing Director

Elizabeth Walford is a trusted CX advisor who counsels executives and their teams, and delivers detailed execution with strategic thinking to optimise Employee and Customer Experience. She enables companies to improve their EX and CX by innovating policies, products, procedures, process flows, and optimising front-end digital experience through a creative approach to problem solving known as Human Centered Design.

Elizabeth advises leaders on how to become more centred on the customer, whilst reducing costs, and growing revenue and market share. Elizabeth’s drive for Employee and Customer Experience began at the start of her career in Retail Banking. Subsequently, she earned the opportunity to successfully grow and run a billion-dollar credit card business; built up her expertise, and delivered award-winning solutions across Innovation, Marketing, Customer Experience, and Human Centered Design.

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Day 1: Jun 6, 2023

Day 2: Jun 7, 2023