Victoria Nguyen


Victoria is an innovative strategist. She is a known strategic business transformation expert having led large mergers, integrations and corporate restructures in the financial services sector. Victoria identifies and executes on business values through understanding the unique challenges, vision and objectives in order to create a roadmap of achievement. She has enhanced customer and employee experiences in traditional industries through the re-engineering of products, processes, data analytics and digitization positioning the business for strong profitable growth. She was instrumental in restructuring global businesses to achieve expense reductions of over 25% while maintaining positive customer experience and target revenues. Her ability to motivate, mentor and cultivate talent had led to successful deliveries of pan-enterprise and complex initiatives of up to $460MM involving teams of over 550 people. A calculated risk-taker with deep expertise in project delivery, Victoria has implemented and managed effective Project Management Offices “PMO” delivering over $300MM worth of initiatives annually.

Victoria commits 100% to executing the strategic objectives and developing talent in each initiative. She is passionate about inspiring others to innovate along side her. Through learning and indoctrinating various project management frameworks, she is able to compliment and enhance each team member’s core strengths. Victoria is a strong advocate for building diverse and inclusive corporate teams. Her commitments to in-team promotions, resource optimizations and leveraging co-op programs created greater team engagement while maintaining delivery surety.

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Day 1: Jun 6, 2023

Day 2: Jun 7, 2023