Kevin Chan

VP, North American Marketing, Analytics & Delivery

As a customer focused Data and Technology Leader, I bring data and digital technology together to drive customer and business value and I have experience in financial services in Canada and US as well as the retail industry. 
As an expert in data and analytics, I understand the value and importance of the data lifecycle and have driven significant business and customer value leveraging AI and data products across marketing, risk management as well as digital product management. 
As a technologist, I have led many transformations from cloud migrations (AWS, Azure) to the implementation of cutting-edge technologies, most recently a multi-million-dollar Salesforce Marketing Cloud (SFMC) implementation including Customer Data Cloud, Adstudio, Marketing Cloud Personalization, and Loyalty Manager. 
As a customer focused executive, I have brought data and technology together to build real-time, personalized, intelligent experiences that have successfully increased customer engagement and satisfaction while reducing operational overhead.  
My leadership style revolves around the synergy of an inspiring clear vision and a collaborative spirit, all while harnessing the transformative potential of analytics, digital product innovation, and technology. By instilling this mindset across the organization, I pave the way for sustained growth in an ever-evolving business landscape. 

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Day 1: Jun 6, 2023

Day 2: Jun 7, 2023