Taylor Vowell

Vice President, Member Growth

Taylor Vowell, as the Vice President of Enterprise Architecture at TDECU, leads the charge in revolutionizing the banking customer experience through cutting-edge digital transformation initiatives.

With a focus on advancing TDECU’s Marketing Technology stack, Taylor drives innovation to meet the evolving needs of over 400,000 members, positioning TDECU as Houston’s largest credit union with assets exceeding $4 billion.

A seasoned expert in Marketing Technology, Taylor specializes in unlocking the power of technology for marketing teams to craft highly personalized, data-driven campaigns powered by AI/ML decisioning and sophisticated segmentation strategies. His approach not only ensures sustainable growth but also cultivates profitability through targeted 1:1 engagement tactics focused on reducing costs and increasing revenues to improve the member’s lifetime value over time.

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Day 1: Jun 6, 2023

Day 2: Jun 7, 2023