Rajesh Panthri

VP, Analytics & Insights

With an international MBA from SP Jain Australia, dozens of Data Science credentials, and 19 years of Analytics and Consulting experience, Rajesh brings in a perfect balance of technical expertise and business acumen.

Engaging C suite and senior leadership to explore opportunities to embed analytics, design, and lead end to end solutions, is part of his core skill set. He had set up & managed teams that delivered Machine Learning-based predictive models for customer segmentation & acquisition, NBA, cross-sell strategies, customer retention, underwriting, fraud prevention, etc, across brands and product portfolios.

A discussion expert on Kaggle, he brings in hands-on experience in developing supervised and unsupervised machine learning algorithms and advanced knowledge of model evaluation, tuning and performance, operationalization and scalability of scientific techniques and establishing decision strategies.

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Day 1: Jun 6, 2023

Day 2: Jun 7, 2023