Richard Charette

Vice President - Experience Design (XD) - WF Virtual Channels

Richard is the AVP of Digital Experience Design at Wells Fargo.  His life purpose is to add value through everything he does and in all his relationships by creating exceptional and valuable experiences. His career serves his purpose by leading teams and organizations to imagine, design and create optimal digital experiences that deliver the maximum value.

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Day 1: Sep 22, 2020

8:30 am

8:30 am


Embracing Organizational Change and End-to-End Digital Transformation

As customers become more tech savvy and financial services firms adapt to their changing needs, ‘Digital’ is increasingly being seen as a core business model strategy which affects the whole firm. This session will discuss best practice examples of holistic approaches to technology and explore the benefits of seeing digital transformation as an essential strategy. Morph your organization towards digital change:

  • Disruptive threats and emerging trends
  • New distribution channels and business models
  • Managing change and transformation around digital marketing that inspires, engages and captivates

Rebuild your organization to keep pace with the next generation of customers

5:10 pm

5:10 pm


How Enhance Your Mobile Customer Experiences to Increase Conversions

Customers and visitors have different needs from your mobile proposition. Find out what your customers want from your mobile site and what critical changes you need to make: Source insights on how to:

  • The changing face of mobile and what next for marketers
  • Building an integrated mobile, website and online seamless experience
  • Customize your sales area with clever cross-selling

Building an integrated, robust mobile experience

Day 2: Sep 23, 2020