Randy Johal

Director, Strategic Partnerships

Randy Johal is the Director, Strategic Partnerships for Backbase. Randy helps financial institutions turn their digital ambitions into reality with the goal of delighting their customers and driving unique value propositions to thrive in an increasingly competitive marketplace. Randy pioneered the launch of the first integrated business services within digital banking in Canada including electronic invoicing and payments as well as cloud based payroll solutions. Randy’s strategic insights into Canadian consumers and businesses, the impact of open banking and Payments coupled with his ability to understand how financial institutions can better serve their customers  have made him a widely sought-after leader.Randy was formally trained as an accountant in the UK before owning his own business and becoming increasingly interested in technology-enabled business. Randy has led teams who provided business solutions to top names globally including Hertz, Citizens Bank of Canada, Vancity Credit Union and Central 1.

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Day 1: Jun 8, 2022

Day 2: Jun 9, 2022

1:45 pm

1:45 pm


Personalization Of Banking Has Arrived, But What Is It And Are You On Board?

As Banks and Credit Unions digitally transform their banking experiences, the need to understand the customers unique situation and reach out to them at the right moments is now top of mind. But what does this mean to you and how do you position yourself to drive this personalization within your digital channels?

In this session, Randy Johal will take you through the areas that are top of mind for Canadian customers and what the solutions are to address them:

  • What are most valued personalized experiences customers expect from their financial institutions
  • How comfortable Canadian customers are in aggregating all their banking relationships in your digital experience.
  • What actionable insights are your customers most likely to respond to and their comfort level with benchmarking their spending patterns in similar cohorts
  • What high touch experiences your customers will still need help with and assess if Live chat and other forms of virtual communication will supplement the need or replace face to face interactions.
  • Breakdown personalization preferences across segments (Age, new immigrants and gender) and highlight the different forms of personalization across channels

Outcomes: This session will help you evaluate your digital banking proposition and the gap you need to close to enable your customers to seamlessly onboard, be serviced efficiently, engaged with at the right time and in their choice of channel. Choose the right ending options based on the cash flow and the renewals coming up at other financial institutions your customer banks with.

Building your digital banking proposition and the gap you need to close to enable your customers to seamlessly onboard