Peter Tessier

Host and Producer of The Insurance Podcast, VP of Sales and Marketing

Pete does not think he’s an insurance expert, he just plays one on his industry-leading podcast, creatively named The Insurance Podcast.  As a twenty year veteran of the insurance industry Pete has been a co-owner in an insurance brokerage, an IBAM President and a director on IBAC along with being the chair of the Insurance Council of Manitoba.  As a speaker Pete has moderated CEO panels at many insurance broker conferences as well as tech events including Trufla’s Amplify, IBANS and IBAO, My Mutual Insurance will be presenting at the Digital Marketing Summit for Financial Services.

After leaving the front lines of insurance Pete acted as consultant to the industry working with software and insurance companies on various projects until he created The Insurance Podcast.  Now entering its 5th year the Insurance Podcast has become an essential insurance media platform in both Canada and the US for those wishing to take a deeper dive into the world  of insurance.

When Pete is not booking guests and trying to make sense of the insurance marketplace he is tolerated by the team at BSI Insurance as their VP of Sales and Marketing.  Pete leads a dedicated sales team that specializes in complex agribusiness and commercial risks across 16 locations and 5 provinces.

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Day 1: Jun 8, 2022

8:20 am

8:20 am

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9:00 am

9:00 am


Captivate Your Customers’ Attention with an Engaging, Blended Omnichannel Journey

Having an efficient cross-channel digital marketing strategy in place for your campaigns is a necessity. Strengthen the positioning of your products and services in front of multichannel audiences to maximize the chances of converting them. Take away specific tools to:

  • Create a seamless journey by incorporating new platforms into older, traditional comms
  • Personalize the supporter journey and delight your stakeholders using the right comms on the right channels
  • Discover which emerging channels are right for your brand in the financial services space

Follow your audience as they move across different channels, media and physical branches.

10:10 am

10:10 am


Build a Powerful Influencer and Affiliate Marketing Program that Amplifies Your Overall Digital Strategy

Partnerships, affiliates and influencers — is your brand doing it right? More effective partnership strategies: Uncover the quick wins to successful execution. Hear from performance marketing experts at leading Canadian financial brands and discover how to:

  • Maximize the value of your marketing partnerships
  • Incorporate partnerships with YouTubers, TikTokers and media outlets in your channel mix
  • Avoid the common pitfalls of building a partner marketing program
  • Prepare a scalable, results-driven marketing plan to drive new customer acquisition

Leave with actionable insights to strengthen your partnership marketing approach.

11:10 am

11:10 am



Optimize Your Self-Service Customer Experience: Proactive, Seamless, Intelligent

The development of digital technologies has brought heightened customer expectations.  Seamlessly support your customers to embrace a digital self-service path.  Discover how far to go to ensure customer satisfaction remains your priority:

  • Strike the balance between digital & human: Managing sensitive, critical & complex interactions
  • How to become a one-stop-shop for your customer’s needs: Determine the self-service platform strategies that are best suited for your services
  • Manage and integrate digital self-service interfaces for a heightened customer experience

Master self-service and user-friendly technologies which deliver greater customer satisfaction

2:00 pm

2:00 pm


How to Delight Your Audience on Social Media to Increase Brand Awareness and Engagement

Have you ever thought about how you can delight your audiences? When you are developing your marketing plans, editorial calendar and tweet content for the day or week are you thinking about the positive impacts it can have on the lives or businesses of the people reading them? While this may seem a daunting task by many executives, there are easy ways to better manage social media spend, starting from today. Achieve a step-by-step plan to:

  • Harness social listening to understand what is important to people and reach them where they’re located
  • Discover when a ‘like’ is a meaningful digital interaction: Demonstrate the business case for investment in social
  • Set digital KPIs that evidence your reach and track social media across your whole digital budget

Adapt social marketing strategies with more punch and power for your buck.

Day 2: Jun 9, 2022