Nicole German

Global Head & Vice President, Enterprise Digital Marketing, Sales & Growth

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Day 1: Jun 15, 2021

11:10 am

11:10 am

Panel | CMO Power Panel

Improve your Business & Digital Strategy with the Maturing Role of the Chief Marketing Officer

The role of the CMO is transforming to one of a change leader. It now requires increasing and broadening business responsibilities and technical capabilities. Understand how the role of the CMO is transitioning from delivery executive to now include business executive. Take away proven strategies to:

  • Identify key trends that demonstrate the CMO’s increased role in technology and in the business overall
  • Discover why privacy and consent will significantly change how CMOs do their job in the future
  • Examine the ever-evolving digital identity of customers

Improve your digital marketing strategy by utilizing the maturing role of the CMO.

Day 2: Jun 16, 2021

10:05 am

10:05 am


A Culture Code: The ‘Next New Normal’ of High Performance Agile Teams

Digital marketing needs to be data-driven to be effective. If you know your target user’s behaviour, goals, pain points, and challenges, you can create marketing campaigns that cater to their specific needs. Data such as a user’s browsing patterns, social media activity, online purchase behaviour and other metrics can help you focus your marketing efforts on what works. In this session, enrich your understanding of data as the core of any successful marketing strategy. Deepen your knowledge on:

  • Personalized targeting and further segmenting your customers
  • Predictive and prescriptive analytics
  • Price and budget optimization 

Embrace a data-driven approach to digital marketing.