Nasser Sahlool

Vice President, Client Strategy

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Day 1: Sep 22, 2020

1:40 pm

1:40 pm

Industry Expert:

Digital Experiences in the Era of Local Lockdowns

At this point, we’re only too familiar with lockdowns, quarantines, curbside pickups, and other local symptoms of an extraordinary global event. Amid the confusion, a misconception has taken hold: marketers are misinterpreting the chaos as a pit—but chaos is, in fact, a ladder.
COVID-19’s unprecedented disruption means there may never be better time for established brands to embrace digital transformation. With the right guidance, businesses can find themselves perfectly placed to not only redefine how they engage their audiences, but finally join the dots between online and offline.

Day 2: Sep 23, 2020

Day 3: Sep 24, 2020