Lauralie Levy

AVP Social Strategy, PR & Sponsorships

Lauralie Levy is a driven executive with plenty of hands on training. She has been recognized as one of the best social media experts in her field. From writer to speaker, she understands social media because she is a student of communication. She is an experienced executive who has worked with small and large businesses from tech start-ups to franchises and national brands. Her businesses are focused on what she does best: communications.

Her experience building multiple enterprises has taught her an array of skills including:

  • Managing, supervising and training team members
  • Balancing budgets
  • Human resources
  • Sales and project management

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Day 1: Jun 8, 2022

2:00 pm

2:00 pm


How to Delight Your Audience on Social Media to Increase Brand Awareness and Engagement

Have you ever thought about how you can delight your audiences? When you are developing your marketing plans, editorial calendar and tweet content for the day or week are you thinking about the positive impacts it can have on the lives or businesses of the people reading them? While this may seem a daunting task by many executives, there are easy ways to better manage social media spend, starting from today. Achieve a step-by-step plan to:

  • Harness social listening to understand what is important to people and reach them where they’re located
  • Discover when a ‘like’ is a meaningful digital interaction: Demonstrate the business case for investment in social
  • Set digital KPIs that evidence your reach and track social media across your whole digital budget

Adapt social marketing strategies with more punch and power for your buck.

3:50 pm

3:50 pm


Ready, Set, Digital: Are You Missing A Truly Authentic, Valued-Aligned Experience?

Traditional Financial Services companies often have long heritage and innate customer loyalty. However, moving towards digital transformation in the past two years, are you sure that your brand and products & services are really delivering value and true value-alignment. The strive towards true brand loyalty – which is a company’s most defensible asset – has become increasingly blurred. This session will focus on how FS organizations can revisit ‘what they have we missed’ during an accelerated digital transformation process – find out how to integrate brand value with digital-first engagements by going beyond the normal and setting up rewarding and innovative humanised digital marketing. Topics covered in this session will include:

  • New customer demands: Value plus new ethical, value and inspirational alignment
  • Strengthening your brand via social media and partnerships
  • The role of multiple touchpoint personalization in meeting customer needs: How can digital loyalty appear seamless
  • Aspiring and ethical branding: what needs to change in Financial Services to meet emerging values and changing needs

How to fast track your products and services via a more human digital team strategy.

Day 2: Jun 9, 2022