Kyle Davies

SVP, Head of Syndicated Research

Kyle has over 17 years’ experience using marketing research and insights to guide the decisions of some of the world’s top companies. Kyle has designed, launched, and lead projects of all types and sizes, including the largest global study on consumer experience and loyalty. Much of Kyle’s background focused on financial services, including a specific focus B2B and payments.

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Day 1: Jun 8, 2022

Day 2: Jun 9, 2022

11:45 am

11:45 am


How Payment Methods Drive Revenue Using Behavioral Science

Even after consumers have gone through the full rational and emotional evaluation of a product, funding the purchase can still be a make-or-break factor. Understand, through a behavioral science lens, how a consumer’s method of payment impacts not only what a consumer buys, but also how much they are willing to spend.

In this presentation the author of Feel, Behave, Think – the pathway of human decision making will discuss how the method of payment impacts consumer behavior, and how you can leverage behavioral science to maximize your revenue.
Using the example of Buy Now Pay Later (BNPL), we explore:

  • Why BNPL is an impactful payment method
  • Consumer response and success of the most recent BNPL products
  • How different forms of delayed payment motivate consumers to spend more

Assess the opportunities of a deeper understanding of how your customers behave.