Kobi Ben Meir

Co-founder of Edge, Forbes Councils Member & Author of best-selling ‘Marketing on Fleek’

Kobi is an award-winning marketing, branding and business development professional. Co-founder of Edge, a new AI based SME fintech ecosystem that will launch this year and will provide a unique solution for SME owners. His book “marketing on fleek” was rated #1 B2C marketing book by book authority, and rated 5 stars by OnlineBookClub, ReadersFavorite and Amazon readers. The book was also a 2020 Readers Favorite book contest finalist.   Kobi is a Forbes.com communication council member, the former head of marketing for two leading Fintech brands and he was nominated five times for B2B marketer of the year. His campaigns won numerous awards from establishments like The Drum, AVA, IAC, The communicator awards, Association of National Advertisers and more. Among the awards: Best b2b financial services campaign, best b2b financial services video campaign, best b2b campaign, best branding, and more. Read Kobi’s Forbes articles: https://www.forbes.com/sites/forbescommunicationscouncil/people/kobimeir/#7bc309c177cc

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Link for free ebook download for DMFS and CXS:  https://marketingonfleek.com/DMFSCX

From award-winning marketing and tech expert, Kobi Ben Meir comes a book that is a treatise on how anyone with passion, determination and the willingness to make it big in marketing can realize their dream. Born in an era that was undergoing a revolutionary change, the Israel-born author uses Marketing on Fleek to detail not only the personal and professional obstacles he overcame, but how the lessons he learned along the way shaped his outlook.

“If you don’t have a personal mountain to climb, you might as well not exist.”, Kobi Ben Meir

The book presents the reader with an approach to the professional and marketing world that is straightforward and effective, with insights they can implement right away. It goes through self-development, self-esteem and work environment into the history of marketing aspects and best practices, with real-life experience. Learn all the secrets, tips and pro-advice to become an expert in the marketing strategy world.


Readers Favorite book contest 2020 finalist!

#1 as “One of the best new B2C Marketing books” by Bookauthority.org

5 Star Rated “Marketing on Fleek deserves to be read from cover to cover.. The book is jam-packed with information that will help aspiring marketers understand the current trends in marketing and advertising.. This is brilliant, educational, and real-life applicable.” – Readers Favorites

5 Star Rated “This is a book every aspiring business owner should possess. I recommend it to those who wish to help their business gain more clients with effective marketing strategies.” – Onlinebookclub.com

All Sessions by Kobi Ben Meir

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Day 1: Sep 22, 2020

11:30 am

11:30 am


LESSONS FROM COVID-19: What Does This Turbulent Time Mean for Financial Services and the Digital Bank in the Future?

Coronavirus and the disruption it caused has had serious implications for the financial services industry, but will we see a continued, long-term financial crisis? What can the industry do to ensure smoother, better digital experiences for all involved?  This vital, timely benchmarking panel will examine what we have learned so far and how to build stronger relationships and  build great trust between your channels and digital customer experiences. Create a blueprint and discuss:

  • Fulfillment of social missions to support households and businesses with credit – what is the next phase
  • Balancing digital start-ups vs incumbents
  • Lessons from critical weaknesses – stress testing your digital channels for the future
  • Track the changing customer journey across all channels:
  • Building trust, counteracting fraud and adjusting to the ‘new normal’

Day 2: Sep 23, 2020

11:05 am

11:05 am


Re-examining Your Strategy and UX to Re-frame Digital Success Goals

In the emerging a world of COVID chaos, it is critical now, more than ever, to address this flood of digital services and products with digital asset management. Change your thinking to:

  • Provide all departments with one central brand, campaign and product assets
  • Create more consistent UX experiences which drive brand trust
  • Identify the bottlenecks and harness automation and AI/ML to reduce human error

Improving efficiency and adapting to rapidly changing market landscapes

Day 3: Sep 24, 2020