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Day 1: Sep 22, 2020

12:00 pm

12:00 pm

Industry Expert

The Social Transformation of Digital Marketing

Understanding the true value and potential of social has become more imperative as organizations look for new possibilities in the post-pandemic economy. With marketing organizations looking to reimagine their business models and quickly adapt to more digital ways of connecting with customers and employees, social has a vital role to play in the years ahead. CMOs report today that digital transformation efforts have significantly accelerated and prioritizing changes to customer behavior has become one of  the most important factors setting their future direction. Join us as we help quantify the benefits of social’s role in aiding in organizational transformation, uncover how mature organizations are capturing more value and efficiency, and better understand how social offers a catalyst for digital culture shifts, including:
  • How increasing an organization’s social maturity directly lifts digital transformation efforts including accelerating digital culture shifts, championing the audience perspective with continuous feedback loops, and deepening customer relationships and value.
  • How Social is a critical part of broader transformation and how institutions can  stay a step ahead of the rapidly changing landscape of digital technology, cultural trends, and shifting customers expectations.
  • How to  elevate the customer perspective making the human connection the center of  all interactions and relationships with customers, workforce, community, and partners. To truly transform and reach tomorrow’s customers, marketers must see social as the ‘conscience’ of the customer
Optimize the use of social in your marketing mix to drive consumer engagement.

Day 2: Sep 23, 2020

Day 3: Sep 24, 2020