Devatanu Banerjee

Head, Smart Channels Delivery, North America

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Day 1: Jun 8, 2022

11:00 am

11:00 am



Harnessing Intelligent Technology that Builds Your Brand, Improves CX and Boosts Engagement

As the rate of AI IT adoption continues, leading digital marketers have to make the right software choices, often very quickly. Advance how you choose the right software that fits into your goals, budget and works best with your existing digital marketing tools. Develop a blueprint to:

  • Determine which technology and AI tools could support lasting change in your organization
  • Compare technology providers and separate hype from reality
  • Match your digital strategy and tools to accelerate agility while driving significant business value

Integrate and choose digital software tools to truly support positive customer engagement.

Day 2: Jun 9, 2022