6 Steps to the Ultimate CX: The Essential Guide to Optimizing Customer Communications for Financial Services Organizations

Improving the customer experience (CX) is the driving force in financial services today. It’s the key to customer retention and successful cross-selling, which are both critical to increasing revenues. But achieving that ultimate goal of a seamless experience still presents significant challenges due to how most banks manage their customer communications. 

Explore the six essential steps financial services organizations need to take to prepare for the communications experience of tomorrow. 

Can You Trust Your Insurer?

Insurance companies and financial services organizations remain the least trusted by consumers in 2019, according to the Edelman Trust Barometer.1 Yet, insurers expect consumers to trust them with their families’ health, homes and financial futures. Why is there such a mismatch? 

90% of Credit Card Terms & Conditions Inaccessible To Those Without a College Education

Trust in Financial Services is below that of any other sector, according to the Edelman Trust Barometer1. When asked what would restore their trust in financial organizations, consumers answered clearly understood terms and conditions. We analyzed one of the most used financial products; credit cards. We asked: “Do financial services firms communicate clearly about their terms?” 

Millennial Financial Trends

10 fast facts for marketing to a generation tackling adulthood

Life stage triggers indicate a user that will soon be in-market and typically has not yet been identified or saturated by your competitors. Discover a few interesting financial trends to help tailor your brand messaging to meet desired new Millennial audiences.

Learn financial facts about Millennials like:

  • “Millennials are more skeptical than other generations.”
  • “About 67% of Millennials say financial stress overtakes their ability to focus and be productive at work.”
  • “7 out of 10 Millennials define financial stability as being able to pay all of their bills each month.”

Email Security & Deliverability for the Financial Sector

With the increasing digitalization of most of our administrative or banking tasks, emailing has become a favoured communication channel for the financial sector to communicate with their customers.

But the rise of emailing in these industries means that they have to face new challenges. Even though email is a quick, cheap and highly customizable way to contact their customers, these companies still have to be sure that these emails actually reach their recipients’ inboxes, and that the extremely confidential data they’re sending is completely safe. But, how can they be sure their emails will have the best deliverability and security possible?

In this Security and Deliverability Guide, you’ll learn all about:

  • The best practices in email deliverability
  • The technical solutions to reach the inboxes of your recipients
  • The legal and technical aspects of email security
  • The different processes set by Mailjet to get your emails properly delivered and secured

Banking on Social Listening

Are you ready to start investing in social media?

Don’t let the challenges of compliance and regulations hold you back.

Your customers and community are already talking about you, their experiences with your brand, your competitors and the overall financial industry – and social media has provided them with a megaphone to share their voice. Don’t miss out on the opportunity to integrate social into customer service, marketing, crisis and reputation management and sales and HR initiatives.

Learn how to:

  • Align Social Media Monitoring with your Business Objectives
  • Develop a Strong Social Media Policy
  • Create an Engagement Playbook

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Unlocking Digital: How Financial Companies Master Modern Marketing

This is a “must-read” guide. It will allow you to slay the marketing beast by helping you understand how to unlock digital – just for financial institutions. Learn more on:

  • The vital role of the advisor website
  • How publishing helpful content is central to success
  • Where social media comes into play
  • How email marketing is used to generate new business
  • Why digital marketing analytics enables perpetual improvement
  • How automation makes digital marketing processes efficient and effective

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Place Your Bets Accordingly to Maximize Success: Top Trends in Digital Marketing

Today’s marketers are bombarded with hype, buzz and options. You must contend with the ever-evolving worlds of search, mobile and social. Plus the likes of programmatic buying, real-time bidding, content and user experience. Better understand how the latest trends will affect your organization and impact your decision-making. Meet your marketing objectives efficiently, effectively, and with optimum ROI. Gain a thorough understanding of available channels and tools:

  • Identify top trends in digital marketing and implications
  • Sort through the hype and know what’s here to stay and why
  • Explore budget allocations between traditional and digital

Fully comprehend the realities of digital marketing trends so you can make the best decisions to meet your objectives.

By: Rohit Bhargava | Founder & CEO | Influential Marketing Group
Rohit has authored four best selling marketing books. He is frequently interviewed by the global media as an expert on business trends and social media including the Wall Street Journal, Fast Company. BBC, Harvard Business Review and dozens of others.

Effectively Implementing Social Media in a Regulated Environment: Case Studies, Trends and Compliance

Initially reluctant, financial services providers have slowly embraced social media. Get the most out of where your consumers go to seek and share information. Source best practices on:

  • Establishing clear policies on social media communication
  • Sourcing tools to help you track your brand mentions
  • Benefiting from social media while staying compliant

Establish your strategy and best practices to optimize social media participation within a regulatory framework.

By: Dan Skeen | AVP Digital | Sunlife Financial